For Sale By Owner

You want to sell your home by yourself. I get it! You aren’t convinced you need an agent and that you can do it yourself and save money. Instead of giving you all the same facts and info about using an agent, I’ll help you sell it yourself.

How? It goes like this:

You can list your home FSBO (for sale by owner) and I’ll help you with advice and paperwork for the first 2 months.

( I can’t advertise it, but that’s your job right?!)

If you find the buyer, I’ll write up the contract for a small flat fee.

If I find the buyer, I get the standard 3% buyers agent commission.


After 2 months we list it on the MLS. Where it’s statistically more likely to sell.

You find the buyer, I get 2.5%

I find a buyer then you only pay 4% (as opposed to 6%)

Another agent finds a buyer then each agent gets 3% (Your typical MLS sale is 6% split between the agents)


Instead of trying for months or a year to sell your home, only to list it with an agent you don’t know. Here you get an agent to help you SELL IT YOURSELF. And if it doesn’t sell, you get a break on the commission for using me.

Let’s get your home sold!

for sale by owner

Bellingham for sale by owner