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Here is why your home is in good hands!

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  • 90% of buyers are online, your home should have a large online presence.
  • I have a larger network of influence than any agent in Whatcom Co.

3D Home tours

  • We use a state of the art Matterport® Camera to give your buyers the ultimate 3D tour.

24/7 Support Complete with weekly communication guarantee. Don’t hear from me every week, get $200.

  • Call me at 3am, 11pm, if I don’t answer I’ll call you first chance I get.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

  • If you aren’t satisfied, You can fire me anytime. And I’ll refer you to another agent if you so desire.

Bottom line it comes down to earning your trust and showing you that I want you as a client for life! Not just a sale like most agents.


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